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The Most Needed, but Counter-Intuitive Leadership Skill: Self-Compassion

By June 20, 2021No Comments

“Leadership has long been defined by the ability to take risks and learn from setbacks, and this is all the more vital now. You might be afraid that self-compassion will lower your standards and that you’ll lose your ambition, however Kristin Neff’s research shows that self-compassionate people have similarly high standards as those who lack self-compassion. However, those with high self-compassion are much less likely to be unduly and unproductively hard on themselves if they didn’t meet their own standards.”

The Most Needed, but Counter-Intuitive Leadership Skill:… | SIYLI

Let me confess that I was a reluctant convert to self-compassion. Before I really understood it, I thought it was soft, squishy, and something I didn’t need. But a few years ago, my colleague tricked me into reading the book Self-Compassion by Kristin Neff when I’d agreed to do a book club together, and let him pick the book.

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