Businesses and communities are made up of people

– not statistics, not actuarial tables, but real people.

If you ever attend a Winnipeg function that supports a charity or community program, chances are good you’ll see Johnston Group on the sponsor list. We donate to dozens of organizations – youth programs, health centres, community development, entrepreneur support, major sporting events, charities, among many others – some you’ve maybe never heard of.

We are dedicated to enriching the community and focus our efforts on programs that improve lives. We believe businesses are the fabric of our communities. “As a part of that, we have the privilege and responsibility to inspire people to achieve better, more fulfilling lives so that, together, we can build better communities” – Dave Johnston

Many Roads in a Community

We believe we can serve our partners in many ways: with vision, through philanthropy, and through volunteering.


We lead by joining boards, by mentoring, and by setting an example – even challenging – other organizations to give more of their resources to the causes they embrace. We share our experiences and try to lead by example.


We donate significantly to ensure services, programs and other solutions that make a difference are available. In many cases there is nothing we need to do beyond giving organizations the funding to do what they are doing so well.


Our people volunteer their time to charitable causes, to community centres, and to other organizations, doing their part to ensure resources are available. Whether during work hours or on our own time, at Johnston Group we have a culture of caring.

Some of Our Community Partners