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Nonobvious Ways to Have Deeper Conversations

By May 30, 2021No Comments

“Humans need to be heard before they will listen” (Amanda Ripley).  Although we are physically disconnected, it is still possible for us to connect deeply with the people in our lives, but sometimes this is not easy to do.  We tend to rely on a standard set of conversation questions, and some lead only to one-word answers that kill instead of developing a conversation.  In this article, we quickly become familiar with nine nonobvious ways to have deeper conversations and better connect with those around us.

Opinion | Nine Nonobvious Ways to Have Deeper Conversations

The art of making connection even in a time of dislocation. After all we’ve been through this year, wouldn’t it be nice, even during a distanced holiday season, to be able to talk about this whole experience with others, in a deep, satisfying way?

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