Winter is Coming: Beating Seasonal Blues in the Workplace

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The combination of shorter days, less sunshine and colder temperatures have an affect on all of us to some degree.  Even if you can’t wait to play some outdoor hockey, build snow forts with the kids or go snowmobiling, we still can all use a bit of support.  It’s especially important in the workplace to ensure that everyone is OK.    As Canadians, it can be a long winter so let’s face it together!

Winter is coming: Beating seasonal blues in the workplace

As Canada’s weather plummets from pleasant autumn chill to the sharp bite of winter, employee moods – and productivity – can drop right along with it. “When the weather turns cold and the days grow shorter and darker, it’s easy for energy in the office to decline,” says Dr. Vivien Brown, Vice President of medical affairs at Medisys.

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