Are your employees taking their summer vacation?

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Despite the fact that many Canadians are working from home, a vacation and time spent truly “off the grid”  is much needed.   After going through a long stretch of adjustment, stress, a pandemic and life in general, everyone needs some time to properly recharge.   Employers can plan for and encourage their team to take a well deserved break, so that they can enjoy the much coveted summer season as much as any other year.


Are your employees taking their summer vacation?

This “added pressure”, he said, is one reason employers should urge workers to go on vacation and unplug from the daily exigencies of work. READ MORE: Microsoft and Google expand COVID-19 leave benefits Because of the outbreak, however, about a third of Canadian employees (30%) are planning to take fewer days off in the summer months of June, July and August this year than they did in 2019, research from Robert Half showed.

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